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you in spanish



sus Señorías[pron.]









Context sentences for: "you"

You are nationalistic; you are bullying; you are threatening; you are anti-democratic; you are a complete shower!
Ustedes son nacionalistas, acosadores, amenazadores, antidemocráticos; ¡Son una completa panda de inútiles!
Of course you know why he's marrying you, don't you?
¿\x8FSabes por qué se casa contigo?
You want me with you?
¿Me quieres contigo?
You loved Buddie, didn't you?
Usted quería a Buddie, ¿no?
You didn't think I'd really marry you, did you?
No habrás pensado que me casaría contigo, ¿verdad?
I didn't marry you lying to you and cheating you.
No me casé contigo con trampas y engaños.
You will help me as you promised, won't you Holmes?
Usted me va a ayudar como me prometió, ¿verdad?
Of course, you know why he's marrying you, don't you?
¿Sabes por qué se casa contigo?
You want me to go with you, don't you?
Quieres que vaya contigo, ¿no?
You come here, and you
Usted venga aquí y usted
Duke, when you go, if you have room, will you take me with you?
Duke, cuando se vaya, si tiene lugar, ¿me lleva con usted?
You know, you know and you know
Usted lo sabe, usted lo sabe y usted lo sabe.
You think you can make me do whatever you want?
¿Cree poder obligarme a hacer lo que usted quiera?
You think you should be?
Usted cree que debería ser?
You faker, you killed him
Farsante, usted lo asesinó
You are Irish, aren't you?
Es usted irlandesa, ¿verdad?
You don't believe that, do you? I wish you did
Usted no me cree, ojalá me creyera.
You know you do. If you drove me mad, you wouldn't care, you beast.
Si me volviera loca a usted le daría igual.
You said you killed Krayler
Usted dijo que mató a Krayler
You-You can't do that
Usted no puede hacer esto
You tell me, will you?
Dígamelo usted, ¿de acuerdo?
You do understand, don't you?
¿Usted sí entiende, no?
You wouldn't be you unless you thought you might like that kiss.
Usted no sería usted si no pensase que podría gustarle ese beso.
You were running away, you know you were!
¡Huía, y usted lo sabe!
You were picketing, weren't you?
Usted hacia huelga, ¿no?
You are looking, ain't you?
Usted me está viendo, ¿no es así?

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