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Context sentences for: "le"

Fallait le fouiller
Why didn't you frisk him?
¡Le mataré, le mataré!
I'll kill him! I'll kill him!
¿Le reconocería si le viera?
You know him if you saw him?
¡Le quieres, pero no le conseguirás!
You want him, but you won't get him!
Le digo que yo no le maté
I didn't kill him I tell you
¿Qué le ha hecho? ¿Le ha pegado?
What'd he do, slap him?
No le importaba lo que le pasase
He didn't care nothing about himself.
Joe le enseñará todo lo que le hemos intentado ocultar.
He'll show it to him! All we've been trying to hide!
Le dije que le costaría uno de los grandes, ¿no?
I told you it would cost you a grand, didn't I?
A aquel hombrecillo le gustaste. ?Le has visto?
That little man who liked you. You've been seeing him?
Sí, le hablé dos veces, pero no le dije nada.
Yes, I spoke to him twice, but I didn't talk to him.
¿Qué dijo cuando le sugirió que yo le apoyaría?
What did he say when you suggested that I would support him?
Pero tú le viste mientras vivía. ¿De veras le viste?
But you saw him when he lived, you really saw him?
¿Le escucharemos?
Will we listen to him?
¿Le bautizamos?
Should we baptize him?
¿Por qué le envidia?
Why does she envy him?
Qué le has dicho?
Whatever did you say to him?
¿Qué nombre le llamó?
What names did he call him?
No le vi debajo
I didn't see you under it
Si baja, le enseñaré
If he comes down, I'll show him!
Le quiero, le quiero, le quiero
I love you, I love you, I love you
Le di, le di, le di
I got him. I shot him
Le cuida, le mima, le pone entre algodones.
They're pampered and wrapped in cotton wool.
Le pregunté cuánto le debe
I asked you how much she owes you
Le diría que le quiero
I would tell him that I love him
Le pido que le amoneste
I would ask you to reprimand him

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