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querer in english








want to[v.]



wanting to

wanted to

trying to



Context sentences for: "querer"

Le hablé de querer morir
I talked him out of wanting to die
Usted lo ama demasiado para querer herirlo.
You love him too much to want to hurt him.
No puedo culparte por no querer
Well, I can't blame you for not wanting to-
En el espacio de un momento pasamos de querer retener los impuestos de matriculación a querer eliminarlos.
In the space of a moment we go from wanting to retain registration taxes to wanting to do away with them.
Pero les advierto del peligro de querer tratarlo todo.
But I would counsel against wanting to do everything.
Todo esto de querer casarme con ella es mentira.
All this talk about me wanting to marry her is a lot of canal water.
Por querer prohibirlo todo, se impide la aplicación del Convenio.
By wanting to prohibit everything, we are preventing the implementation ofthe Convention.
Solía acusarme de querer siempre tener la última palabra.
He used to accuse me of wanting to have the last word.
Nuestros motivos para querer que así sea son bastante simples.
Our reasons for wanting to do so are quite simple.
Es una cuestión de querer aplicar ellos mismos el castigo.
It is a question of it wanting to do the punishing itself.
Tengo un motivo particular para querer finiquitar esto yo solo.
I've got a particular reason for wanting to turn this trick all by myself.
Porque querer ser los mejores no es suficiente para serlo.
Because wanting to be the best is not sufficient to be the best.
Se me ha acusado de querer cerrar toda la industria del pop de Gran Bretaña. Se me ha acusado de querer prohibir las gaitas en Escocia.
I have been accused of wanting to close down the whole of the pop industry in Great Britain and of wanting to prohibit the bagpipes in Scotland.
Por último, está el problema de querer crear una constitución sin respaldo popular.
Finally, there is the problem of wanting to establish a constitution without democratic backing.
Doy las gracias a quienes piden ayuda por querer ayudar también a sus propios países.
I thank those who are asking for help, for wanting to help their own countries as well.
Y no te culpo por no querer tomar sufrir las consecuencias si puedes evitarlo.
And I don't blame you for not wanting to take the rap if you can help it.
Podría haber reído cuando el Dr. Chambers dijo que me había curado por querer vivir.
I could have laughed when Dr. Chambers said that I'd heal myself by wanting to live.
No tiene ningún sentido gritar simplemente a los cuatro vientos o querer dar grandes pasos.
There is no point in simply shouting loudly from the rooftops, or wanting to take steps that are too large.
Tendremos que poder y querer apoyar a los promotores para que cumplan con los requisitos técnicos.
We will have to be able and want to give support to promoters to meet the technical requirements.
Y quizá lo mismo que me hizo querer pintar me hace amar a esta muchacha.
And maybe the same thing that made me want to paint makes me love this girl.
A mi modo de ver, no se trata de querer enviar a casa a la Comisión.
In my view, this is not a question of wanting to send the Commission packing.
A fuerza de querer que venga, la puerta acabará por abrirse.
The door will open itself, just from wanting him to come.
Y si es verdad, tiene una cierta justificación en querer aplastarla.
And if it's true, you have a certain justification in wanting to crush her.
Tus tonterías sobre querer mantenerme alejada del mar no me las creo.
Your crazy stuff about wanting to keep me away from the sea don't go down with me.
¿Querer saber la época?
Wanted to know the time?
¿Sigues sin querer decírselo?
You still don't want to tell him?

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