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Context sentences for: "mí"

Por misma
I meant it for myself
Compadeciéndome de misma
Feeling sorry for myself
Tenía miedo de
Terribly afraid of myself
No confiaba en
I had no faith in myself
Brandon y a
Mr. Brandon and myself
Cuénteme más sobre
You must tell me more about myself
¿Y a misma?
Would I do it to myself?
Me acuerdo de
I'm remembering myself
Sí, una para
Yeah, one for myself
Hablo por exclusivamente
I speak only for myself
Hablemos de
Hey, let's talk about me
Envió por , Padre?
You sent for me, Father?
Intenta deshacerte de
Try and get rid of me
¡Aléjese de !
Now- Get away from me! Let go!
¿Me aclaman a ?
Is all this meant for me?
¿Demasiado bueno para ?
Well, let me tell you something
Apóyense en , señoras
Hold onto me tightly, my ladies
¿Qué sabe de ?
What does he know about me?
Tienes planes sin
You have big plans without me
¿Qué queréis de ?
They've probably gotten further downstream.
Intente facilitármelas a
Will you please try and make them easy for me?
¡Dejándolo todo a !
And leave everything to me!
¿Qué sería de ?
What should I do then?
Trabajas para
You're working for me!
¡Hazlo por !
For me, do it for me!
Guarda esto por
Now, you keep this for me

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