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concerniente in english






with respect[adv.]


Context sentences for: "concerniente"

La primera es concerniente al clima.
The first point I would like to raise concerns the climate.
¿Cuál es la situación en lo concerniente a los impuestos?
What is the situation as far as taxes are concerned?
Mademoiselle, nos interesa todo lo concerniente a usted.
But mademoiselle, everything that concerns you concerns us.
En lo concerniente al aseo, soy un especialista.
When it comes to cleaning, I'm what you call a specialist.
Excluyo lo concerniente a la enmienda n° 16.
If anyone can explain to me how that is fair in a single Community, I would like to know.
Primero, en lo concerniente a la armonización de las legislaciones.
And lastly, with respect to the immediate return of treasures shown to have been exported illegally.
Concerniente a la futura Presidencia del Consejo Europeo.
It concerns the future President of the European Council.
Orden estricta, concerniente al bien de Dinamarca y Noruega,
A strict command for the welfare of Norway and Denmark.
Olvida la respuesta concerniente a la brutalidad de Wilfong.
All right, strike out the answer about Wilfong's brutality.
¿Cuánto hemos avanzado en lo concerniente a la Europa social?
Believe me, I wish you every success in this area.

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