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Well, then. Have him come in in spanish

Well, then. Have him come in

Está bien, hacelo pasar

Context sentences for: "Well, then. Have him come in"

She should have never come with him.
Ella nunca debería haber venido con él.
Well, what have you come to say?
¿Qué ha venido a decir?
Well, come and have a drink with us.
Venga a tomar una copa
Well, as soon as he comes in, I'll have him get in touch with you.
Bien, en cuanto venga, le diré que lo llame.
Well, the chickens have come home to roost.
Pues bien, ha llegado la hora de la verdad.
I have come to love him
He llegado a amarlo
Well, why did you come then?
Bueno, ¿a qué a venido entonces?
Well, they come in pairs
Vaya, vienen en parejas
If he won't come on foot, well, we'll have to carry him.
Si no viene por sus pies, tendremos que llevarle.
Well, anyway, then we would come to the hallway.
De todos modos, luego llegaríamos al vestíbulo.
In the first place, this will have to come from the European Development Fund and then from other sources as well.
En primer lugar, esta tendrá que venir del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo y también de otras fuentes.
Have him come over as soon as he can.
Dígale que venga pronto
Well, you could see it with him if you'd come to California and do that picture they want you for.
Bueno, podrías verlo con él si vinieras a California y hacer esa película que ellos quieren que hagas.
Well, you can still love him and have a cup of coffee in your stomach too.
Pues, puedes amarlo y tomarte una taza de café.
Well, you can have him for nothing!
¡Bien, le puede tener, por nada!
I told him we have a lady visitor, but he wants to come in nevertheless.
Le he dicho que tenemos una dama de visita, pero a pesar de todo, quiere entrar.
Anna, you have to come with us well.
Anna, debes venir con nosotros también.
Will you have him come in the moment he rings?
Sheridan. Hágale pasar enseguida
Well, have him call Ken Gordon the moment he comes in, will you? Yes.
Dígale que llame a Ken Gordon cuando vuelva.
Have him come right in
Hágale pasar
Okay, I'll come in then
luego vienen
Tell him to come in person
Dile que venga en persona
Well, I should have caught him
Bueno, yo debería haberlo atrapado.
Come, Christine. Let's show him his room.
Venga, vamos a instalarle
We'll let him come along, too
Le dejaremos venirse también
Mr President, I want to begin by thanking Mr Evans for the well executed piece of work we have come to expect of him.
Señor Presidente, quiero empezar dando las gracias al Sr. Evans por el excelente trabajo que ha realizado.

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