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"Well, then. Have him come in" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "Well, then. Have him come in"

    • Well, then. Have him come in

      Está bien, hacelo pasar

    • Well, then come back here

      Entonces vuelve aquí

    • Then come in and have a drink

      Entonces, entra a tomar algo

    • Have you slain him, then?

      ¿Le has matado, entonces?

    • Then I will come in

      Entonces pasaré

    • Then they'll have to come down

      Entonces tendrán que aterrizar

    • Well, then, you'll have to walk

      Pues tendrás que ir caminando

    • Well, then, youll have to walk

      Entonces tendrás que andar

    • Well, come in here, please

      Bien, por aquí, por favor

    • Well, they come in pairs

      Vaya, vienen en parejas

    • Have Bratfisch come to the cloakroom, then come back here.

      Que Bratfisch vaya al guardarropa, y después vuelve aquí.

    • Then I don't have to marry him

      Ya no tengo que casarme con él

    • Then I'll have him all to myself

      Así lo tendré sólo para mí

    • Then I could have given him up

      Así me habría dado por vencido

    • Don't let him come in

      No le dejes entrar aquí

    • Tell him to come in

      Dígale que pase