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"overall direction" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "overall direction"

    • overall

      en conjunto

    • direction


    • Overall, then, this is the right step to take and in the right direction.

      En conjunto, por tanto, ese es el paso que debemos en la dirección correcta.

    • overall solution

      solución global

    • overall responsibility

      responsabilidad general

    • overall intake

      consumo general

    • overall picture

      cuadro general

    • overall service

      servicio general

    • overall level

      nivel general

    • overall result

      resultado global

    • overall market

      mercado global

    • overall audit

      auditoría global

    • overall management

      gestión global

    • overall rate

      tasa global

    • overall presentation

      presentación general

    • overall increase

      aumento global

    • overall appearance

      aspecto genérico

    • overall cost

      coste global

    • overall length

      largo total

    • overall price

      precio total

    • overall balance

      balance global

    • overall effort

      esfuerzo global

    • overall response

      respuesta global

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