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"on-board" in spanish

  • on-board

    a bordo

  • Context sentences for: "on-board"

    • On board?

      ¿A bordo?

    • on board

      a bordo

    • Fire on board!

      ¡Fuego a bordo!

    • On board ship

      A bordo del barco

    • ls everybody on board?

      ¿Están todos a bordo?

    • Explain presence on board

      Explica presencia a bordo

    • Parker On board?

      Parker a bordo?

    • You, on board!

      ¡Vos en el barco!

    • Come on board

      Venga a bordo

    • Godall on board?

      Godall a bordo?

    • There's a spy on board

      Hay un espía a bordo

    • Put that luggage on board

      Suba ese equipaje al tren

    • My wife is on board

      Mi mujer está a bordo

    • You got mutiny on board

      Tienes un motín a bordo

    • Commander, Truffier is on board

      Comandante, Truffier está a bordo

    • We'll sleep on board tonight

      Esta noche dormiremos a bordo

    • On board of Storm Bird

      A bordo del Storm Bird

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