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"obvious choice" in spanish

  • obvious choice

    elección obvia

  • Context sentences for: "obvious choice"

    • obvious


    • choice


    • obvious error

      error manifiesto

    • obvious case

      caso evidente

    • It's obvious

      Se ve enseguida

    • That's obvious

      Salta a la vista

    • The symptoms are obvious

      Los síntomas son obvios

    • It's so obvious!

      ¡Es tan evidente!

    • It's quite obvious

      Es bastante obvio

    • That's obvious, isn't it?

      Eso es obvio, ¿verdad?

    • That much is obvious

      Esto es evidente

    • The answer is obvious

      La respuesta es evidente

    • It's getting obvious

      Ya es casi obvio

    • It’s quite obvious

      Creo que es evidente

    • It is obvious

      Está muy claro

    • Looks pretty obvious

      Parece muy obvio

    • It is very obvious

      Es muy evidente

    • The reason is obvious

      La razón es evidente

    • You're so obvious, Warren

      Eres tan terco, Warren

    • It's obvious, huh?

      Es obvio, ¿eh?

    • Fake stuff is obvious

      No. Lo barato sale caro

    • Obvious, isn't it?

      Es evidente, ¿no?

    • Conclusion also obvious

      Conclusión también obvia

    • rational choice

      elección racional

    • good choice

      buena opción