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"nuclear reactor" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "nuclear reactor"

    • nuclear reactor

      reactor nuclear

    • water reactor

      reactor de agua

    • fast reactor

      reactor rápido

    • The reactor is shut down

      El reactor está apagado

    • The reactor of the rocket

      El propulsor del cohete

    • nuclear tests

      ensayos nucleares

    • nuclear weapon

      arma nuclear

    • nuclear strike

      ataque nuclear

    • nuclear physics

      física nuclear

    • nuclear program

      programa nuclear

    • nuclear engineering

      ingeniería nuclear

    • nuclear weapons

      armas nucleares

    • nuclear war

      guerra nuclear

    • nuclear energy

      energía nuclear

    • nuclear medicine

      medicina nuclear

    • nuclear station

      central nuclear

    • nuclear plant

      central nuclear

    • nuclear test

      ensayo nuclear

    • Nuclear safety

      Seguridad nuclear

    • nuclear material

      material nuclear

    • desarme nuclear

      desarme nuclear

    • Temelín nuclear power station

      Central nuclear de Temelin

    • nuclear magnetic resonance

      resonancia magnética nuclear