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"natural justice" in spanish

  • natural justice

    justicia natural

  • Context sentences for: "natural justice"

    • Natural, dice, natural

      Un siete o un 11, dados

    • natural

      natural gas

    • Justice!


    • justice


    • It is contrary to the most rudimentary principles of natural justice.

      Es contrario a los principios más elementales de la justicia natural.

    • natural order

      orden natural

    • It's natural

      Es natural

    • natural disaster

      desastres naturales

    • natural number

      número natural

    • I'm natural

      Son naturales

    • medio natural

      medio natural

    • Look natural


    • patrimonio natural

      patrimonio natural

    • natural form

      manera natural

    • natural evolution

      devenir natural

    • natural gas

      gas natural

    • natural de

      natural de

    • natural gift

      don natural

    • natural area

      ámbito natural

    • natural cosmetics

      cosmética natural

    • natural circulation

      circulación natural

    • natural monument

      monumento natural

    • natural conditions

      condiciones naturales

    • natural wealth

      riqueza natural

    • ambiente natural

      ambiente natural

    • natural component

      componente natural

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