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"monthly instalments" in spanish

  • monthly instalments

    cuotas mensuales

  • Context sentences for: "monthly instalments"

    • monthly


    • monthly payments

      pagos mensuales

    • monthly basis

      base mensual

    • monthly average

      promedio mensual

    • monthly report

      informe mensual

    • monthly consumption

      consumo mensual

    • monthly cost

      costo mensual

    • monthly contribution

      contribución mensual

    • monthly rate

      tasa mensual

    • monthly benefit

      beneficio mensual

    • monthly salary

      sueldo mensual

    • monthly period

      período mensual

    • monthly payment

      pago mensual

    • monthly fee

      cargo mensual

    • six-monthly


    • monthly grant

      ayuda mensual

    • monthly expenses

      gastos mensuales

    • monthly charge

      pago mensual

    • He paid like me, in instalments

      Lo pago como yo, al contado

    • Or, perhaps, monthly

      O quizás, mensualmente

    • Shall I pay weekly or monthly?

      ¿pago al mes o a la semana?

    • Of course, writing a story in monthly parts isn't easy.

      No es fácil escribir una historia en partes mensuales.

    • In addition, a monthly briefing is prepared for the press.

      Asimismo, se prepara un informe mensual para la prensa.