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"machining head" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "machining head"

    • machining


    • head-to-head

      cara a cara

    • My head, my head

      Mi cabeza, mi cabeza

    • head

      de proa

    • Head to head, coming up!

      ¡Finales, cabeza a cabeza!

    • Regina and Radio Choice head and head.

      Vergina y Radio Choice cabeza a cabeza.

    • I'll go head to head right now

      Iré cabeza a cabeza ahora mismo

    • deputy head

      jefe adjunto

    • head down

      cabeza abajo

    • floating head

      cabezal flotante

    • former head

      ex jefe

    • running head


    • big head

      gran cabeza

    • executive head

      director general

    • Head up


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