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come on. come on. give me, soapy in spanish










Context sentences for: "come on. come on. give me, soapy"

Come on. Come on. Give me, Soapy
Dame la pasta, Jabonoso
come, darling come drink with me bring wine!
Ven, cariño vienen beber conmigo traer el vino! traer el vino!
Come on. Show me what you've got
Venga, enséñame lo que sabes hacer.
Come on. This time we give him the works.
Venga, que se note esta vez
Don't give me no argument, I said to come.
No discutas, te he dicho que vengas.
Come on. Give it to me
Venga, dámelo
Come on. Move over and give me the reins.
Hazte a un lado y dame las riendas
Come on, Dan, give me a little kiss, will you?
Venga, Dan, dame un besito, ¿vale?
Let me see if you can get my puss on paper. Go. Come on.
Muéstrame si llegas a hacer mi retrato.
Come on, you men, with me
Vamos, vengan conmigo
Come on. Give me a hike
Vamos, dame un empujón
Come on. Give me a beer
Vamos, dame una cerveza
It's a shame on me you come here
Es embarazoso que vengas aquí
All right, come on and take me
Que vengan a buscarme
Give him the dough and come on to Vancouver with me.
Dale el dinero y vente a Vancouver conmigo.
Come on, boys. Come on, Al
Vengan, muchachos
You should come on home with me, Molly.
Deberías venir a casa conmigo, Molly.
Come on, help me with this
Venga, ayúdame con esto
Come on, give me that ice
Venga, el diamante
Come on. Give me a ten-spot, will you, Mike?
Préstame diez dólares, Mike
Come on. Give her a call
Vamos, llámala
Come on, Joe, you gotta give him a chance.
Vamos. Debes darle una oportunidad
Come on, give me your nickel
Venga esos cinco centavos
Soapy and those kids, give them a break, will you?
Jabonoso y esos chicos, déjales en paz, ¿quieres?
Come on, we'll give them a run for their money.
Sólo buscan quedarse con el dinero.
Come on, Smythe, talk to me, will you?
Venga, Smythe, hablemos, ¿quiere?

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