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come on. come on in spanish


Context sentences for: "come on. come on"

Come on. Come on, children
¡Vamos, niños!
Come on. Come on. Give me, Soapy
Dame la pasta, Jabonoso
Come on. Come on, everybody, dig
Todos, sigan cavando
Come on. Come on home. Let's go home.
Vamos, volvamos a casa
Come on. Come on. Where do you think you are?
¿Quiénes se creen que son?
Come on. Come on now, all of you. Be on your way.
¡Vamos, apúrense todos ustedes!
Aw, come on. Come on and tell Ann all about it. Just once.
Ven, cuéntaIe a Ann toda Ia historia.
Come on. Come on. I got a sweet bar.
Vamos, tengo un bar fantástico
Come on, come on. Come on, let's see what you got.
Veamos qué tienes para mostrar
Come on. Come on, pal
No, se ocupará Gunner
All right, come on. All right, come on.
Vamos, tomen sus mochilas
Come on. Present arms!
¡Presenten armas!
Smash the machines that has been smashing you. Come on, let's go. Come on.
Hay que destruir las máquinas que nos han destruido a nosotros. ¡Vamos!
Come on, now, come on. Put away that hammer.
Vamos, no esté tan a la defensiva
Come on. Get dressed
Vamos, vístete
Come on, come on. The car's outside.
Vamos, mi coche está fuera
Come on. Let's dance
Vamos, bailemos
Come on. Ready, Jerry?
Venga. ¿Listo, Jerry?
Come on, move on. Cheese it
¡La policía ferroviaria!
Come on, come on. Get out of it!
Levántate de una vez
Come on. Come to church
Te está envenenando con su maldad
Come on. Keep moving
Vamos, muévase
Come on, baby. Get up. Come on
Vamos, preciosa, levántate
Come on, mate, grab on
Vamos, agárralo
Come on! Come on, this way!
¡Vamos, por aquí!
Come on, sincere thirst
Vamos, sed sincero

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