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"But I don't want to go out, Mother" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "But I don't want to go out, Mother"

    • I don't want to go, But what can I do?,

      Yo no quiero ir, pero, ¿qué puedo hacer?

    • But Father, I don't want to go to America!

      Pero, padre, yo no quiero irme a América.

    • I don't want to go anywhere but here.

      No quiero ir a ningún lado, salvo aquí.

    • But I don't want to go back home, Manuel.

      Pero no quiero volver a casa, Manuel.

    • I want to go back to my mother

      Quiero volver con mi mamá

    • And then I don't want to bring worry to mother.

      Y además no quiero darle preocupaciones a mamá.

    • Dave, I don't want you to go

      Dave, no quiero que vayas

    • I don't want to go next time

      No quiero ir la próxima vez

    • I don't want to go on hating

      No quiero seguir odiando

    • But I want to go home now!

      ¡Quiero voIver a casa ahora!

    • but I just want to go home

      pero quiero irme a casa

    • I don't want Stephen to find out

      No quiero que Stephen se entere

    • I don't know, but I'll write, Mother.

      No lo sé, pero escribiré, mamá

    • I don't want to be a queen, Mother

      No quiero ser una reina, Madre

    • But I don't believe Mother is dead

      No creo que mi madre esté muerta