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"A letter to my mother" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "A letter to my mother"

    • Read the letter, Mother

      Lee la carta, mamá

    • I got a letter from Mother today

      Recibí una carta de mamá hoy

    • Take a letter to my lawyers

      Escriba una carta a mi abogado

    • It's about that letter from pierrot's mother.

      Es sobre la carta de la madre de Pierrot.

    • It's about that letter from Pierrot's mother

      Es sobre la carta de la madre de Pierrot.

    • A letter from His Holiness for Mother Superior.

      Una carta de Su Santidad para la Madre Superiora.

    • Write to my mother

      Escribir a mi madre

    • My mother was a Virginian

      Mi madre era de Virginia

    • My mother was a cook

      Mi madre era cocinera

    • My mother was a tramp

      Mi madre era una ramera

    • My mother wants to know

      Mi madre quiere saberlo

    • My mother gave'em to me

      Mi madre me los dio

    • Oh, my father's letter to Wilkie

      La carta de mi padre para Wilkie

    • I talked to my Mother

      He hablado con mi madre

    • I will dictate a letter to my sometimes-friend Machiavelli.

      Te dictaré una carta para mi a veces amigo Maquiavelo.

    • I mailed my letter Monday

      Le envié la carta el lunes

    • Did you get my letter?

      ¿Recibiste mi carta? Sí

    • I want to talk to my mother

      Quiero hablar con mi madre

    • Heard my mother tellin' his mother

      Oi que mi madre se lo dijo a su madre.

    • My mother-in-law. A marvelous cook

      Es mi suegra, es una gran cocinera

    • My mother was a little armstrong

      Mi madre tenía una narizota

    • Yes, sir, my mother was a cook

      Si señor, mi madre era cocinera

    • My mother and sister

      Mi madre y mi hermana