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Indecision in speech or action.
Changing location by moving back and forth.

Synonyms for vacillation


Example Sentences Including 'vacillation'

  • Any more vacillation by the Council of Ministers is a vacillation which will lead to serious consequences, for which the Council itself must accept the responsibility.
  • We have now had enough inertia and vacillation.
  • Our growing responsibilities will leave no room for the vacillation and inaction we have displayed in the past.
  • Eighteen months of vacillation after the signature of the Maastricht Treaty have darkened the European horizon.
  • This is something where deprived regions of the United Kingdom cannot afford to see further vacillation.
  • These procedures are an open door to the impoverishment of countries through delay, vacillation and corruption.
  • I distinctly heard a slight uplilt, which suggests a hesitation, a vacillation, and maybe an ambivalence?
  • In this way there is vacillation between compromises and postponments, and the objective moves further and further away.
  • Then the British Presidency was characterized by drift and vacillation, by lack of purpose and absence of vision.
  • That has been the policy of the Commission so far, and it will continue to be so without vacillation.
  • Sometimes there is too much bureaucracy, too much red tape, and too much vacillation when the aid is granted.


Similar Words

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vacillation spanish translation

vacilación indecisión vacilaciones

vacillation portuguese translation

hesitação vacilação

vacillation german translation

Schwankung Unentschlossenheit Wankelmut

vacillation french translation

hésitation indécision tergiversations

vacillation italian translation

indecisione esitazione esitazioni

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