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vacillatingAdjective vacillating (comparative more vacillating , superlative most vacillating )

Liable to vacillate; wavering, irresolute.

Example Sentences Including 'vacillating'

  • "They're nothing but exasperating Irritating, vacillating, calculating
    vacillating, calculating" data-to="">
  • A hypothalamic tumor could cause a vacillating temperature.
  • # They're nothing but exasperating Irritating, vacillating, calculating #
  • How about Chipping Away at the Myth or The vacillating Statue?
  • He's physically stable, but he's vacillating between catatonic and completely freaked out.
  • But I may have observed a vacillating penumbra in the shape of lips.
  • As Europe stands on the brink of a highly successful age, its citizens are vacillating.
  • The reports demonstrates how measures were enforced half-heartedly and it highlights the sheer incompetence of Douglas Hogg's vacillating administration.
  • Let us never forget that the Community can succeed only if it keeps its promises without vacillating.
  • I call upon Europe to stop vacillating and suspend the embargo, with the exception of the arms embargo, unilaterally, reinstating civilian aircraft flights.
  • But luckily for George, after a delayed reaction to his insouciant iambic pentameter, the jungle's vacillating varmints joined the fight with their potent potentate,


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vacillating spanish translation


vacillating portuguese translation

vacilantes vacilante vacilar

vacillating german translation

schwanken unschlüssig

vacillating italian translation


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