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simple past tense and past participle of vaccinate


having been rendered unsusceptible to a disease

Synonyms for vaccinated

immunized - immunised

Example Sentences Including 'vaccinated'

  • Has Shay been vaccinated? Have you been vaccinated?
  • descend from vaccinated and regularly re-vaccinated dams, or
  • Products of vaccinated animals are no less safe than those of non-vaccinated animals.
  • But have you been vaccinated against smallpox?
  • But they probably haven't even been vaccinated.
  • Have you been vaccinated against smallpox? Why?
  • have been regularly vaccinated and re-vaccinated according to the instructions of the manufacturer with a gE-deleted vaccine, or
  • If that's true, I shouldn't have gotten vaccinated.
  • You must have been vaccinated with aphonograph needle.
  • Every Marine involved in the assault was vaccinated.
  • Do you remember ever getting vaccinated back here?


Similar Words

vacuolization - vacuum-packed - vacationists - vaccinostyle - vacationing - vaccination - vacillating - vacillation - vacuolation - vacationer - vaccinator - vacillated - vacillates - vacillator - vacancies - vaccinate - vaccinist - vacantly - vacation - vaccenyl

vaccinated german translation

impfen Impfpflicht Impfstoff Impfung

vaccinated portuguese translation

vacinadas vacinado vacinada vacinação vacinar vacinaram vacina

vaccinated french translation

vacciné vaccinée vacciner vaccination

vaccinated romanian translation

vaccinat vaccina vaccinaţi vaccinăm vaccineze vaccinări

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