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second-person plural present indicative of vaccinare
second-person plural imperative of vaccinare
feminine plural of vaccinato


perform vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation

Synonyms for vaccinate

inoculate - immunise

Example Sentences Including 'vaccinate'

  • until you came here this afternoon, to vaccinate.
  • vaccinate them properly instead of strutting in Davos!
  • We need to vaccinate ourselves mentally against crime.
  • And until then, we can't vaccinate against it.
  • We have some puppies from his sister vaccinate .
  • [Chittering] - I'm gonna vaccinate all your little hoo-has.
  • One thing we can't vaccinate against is dysentery.
  • We should just go vaccinate at all the clubs.
  • Did we vaccinate Stan Marsh for the flu last year?
  • Not if it can learn the program and vaccinate itself.
  • We don't vaccinate against smallpox because there is no smallpox.


Similar Words

vacuolization - vacuum-packed - vacationists - vaccinostyle - vacationing - vaccination - vacillating - vacillation - vacuolation - vacationer - vaccinated - vaccinator - vacillated - vacillates - vacillator - vacancies - vaccinist - vacantly - vacation - vaccenyl

vaccinate german translation


vaccinate portuguese translation

vacinar vacinação

vaccinate french translation

vacciner vaccination vaccinent

vaccinate dutch translation

vaccineren inenten enten vaccinatie

vaccinate italian translation

vaccinare vaccinano

vaccinate romanian translation

vaccina vaccinarea

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