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vacay ‎(plural vacays)
(informal, US) vacation

Etymology: Circa 2000, clipping of vacation, with -y to clarify pronunciation. Compare cray ‎(“ crazy ” ).

Example Sentences Including 'vacay'

  • Ashleigh! - Is this your first grown-up vacay?
  • What would you say if I asked him on a little vacay?
  • And then there's the bachelorette girls-only vacay. Just us girls.
  • Well, it's more of a permanent vacay 'cause I got fired.
  • Yeah, we're heading out on a family vacay here, you know?
  • Okay,so my soon-to-be ex is about to vacay to paris
  • I so needed a vacay. Things are not going well with the missus.
  • He just wrapped up a five-year vacay at Rikers for drug trafficking.
  • Oh, Doc, you know, I know you're on your vacay, but you should know.
  • This place reminds me of a cliff side meal we had one romantic vacay to Cabo.
  • And then her parents pull her out of school early for a six week vacay to Florence, Italy?


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