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present participle of vacation

Example Sentences Including 'vacationing'

  • What are you doing, vacationing here? - Jerry!
  • Well, they're vacationing on the Cote d'Azur.
  • No.But she's already vacationing with another man?
  • Are you vacationing in Portofino this summer?
  • Not a high destination for vacationing emirs, apparently.
  • In Spain, when we were vacationing at Toledo.
  • Happily vacationing in the land of Not Coping.
  • Do you think maybe he's just vacationing, though?
  • If only I knew where my analyst was vacationing.
  • So you're just vacationing now on the Church's dime?
  • And when he was vacationing in the French riviera?


Similar Words

vacuolization - vacuum-packed - vacationists - vaccinostyle - vaccination - vacillating - vacillation - vacuolation - vacationer - vaccinated - vaccinator - vacillated - vacillates - vacillator - vacancies - vaccinate - vaccinist - vacantly - vacation - vaccenyl

vacationing polish translation

na wakacjach na urlopie na wakacje

vacationing portuguese translation

de férias em férias passar férias

vacationing italian translation

in vacanza in villeggiatura

vacationing french translation

en vacances villégiature en vacance passant les vacances

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