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plural of vacancy

Example Sentences Including 'vacancies'

  • Regulation on statistics on Community job vacancies
  • Quarterly statistics on Community job vacancies (vote)
  • — the nature and characteristics of unfilled vacancies,
  • vacancies for male nurses at Battersea General.
  • Twelve, in fact. Twelve cabins, twelve vacancies.
  • We had a couple of unexpected vacancies.
  • Quarterly statistics on Community job vacancies (debate)
  • Strictly speaking, I've no vacancies at the moment.
  • Match jobseekers with vacancies in a neighbouring country;
  • The only vacancies were in the woodwind section.
  • This town doesn't seem to have many vacancies.


Similar Words

vacuolization - vacuum-packed - vacationists - vaccinostyle - vacationing - vaccination - vacillating - vacillation - vacuolation - vacationer - vaccinated - vaccinator - vacillated - vacillates - vacillator - vaccinate - vaccinist - vacantly - vacation - vaccenyl

vacancies german translation

Freiwerden freien stellen freie zimmer

vacancies portuguese translation

ofertas vagas lugares vagos

vacancies italian translation

posti vacanti offerte posti liberi camere libere

vacancies dutch translation

kamers vrij leegstand vacante zetels

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