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underlying ‎(not comparable)
lying underneath We dug down to the underlying rock.
basic or fundamental Points and straight lines are underlying elements of geometry.
implicit Many nursery rhymes have an underlying meaning.

Example Sentences Including 'underlying'

  • Financial assets based on or derived from a different underlying instrument. The underlying instrument is usually another financial asset, but may also be a commodity or an index.
  • The value of financial derivatives (AE 34) may change as a result of changes in the value of the underlying instrument, changes in the vo­latility of the price of the underlying instru­ment, or approaching the date of execution or maturity.
  • The report is written as if it were a realistic assumption that as part of the engineering and the negotiations underlying the Cotonou Agreement we could easily have confronted and changed many of the underlying global issues.
  • What underlying problem? You have no idea what the underlying problem is.
  • However, it also decided to continue to assess the conditions and assumptions underlying the reference value and communicate any changesto the underlying assumptions as soon as theybecome necessary.
  • Rather, it is the market that has pinpointed the underlying fault, the underlying cause.
  • As far as I can see, they assume that the underlying shape of the neutrino arrival is identical to the underlying shape that they know very well, of the protons leaving.
  • Risk control measures are applied to the assets underlying Eurosystem credit operations in order to protect the Eurosystem against the risk of financial loss if underlying assets have to be realised owing to the default of a counterparty.
  • The request must specify the amount of credit and, if underlying assets for the transaction have not already been predeposited with the national central bank, also the underlying assets to be delivered for the transaction.
  • First, it is assumed that the transactions are carried out with a national central bank using a system where underlying assets are earmarked for each transaction. The valuation of underlying assets is carried out on a daily basis.