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underlying ‎(not comparable)
lying underneath We dug down to the underlying rock.
basic or fundamental Points and straight lines are underlying elements of geometry.
implicit Many nursery rhymes have an underlying meaning.

Example Sentences Including 'underlying'

  • What underlying problem? You have no idea what the underlying problem is.
  • Rather, it is the market that has pinpointed the underlying fault, the underlying cause.
  • Improve the underlying institutions and build capacity.
  • Considerations underlying those decisions will be published.
  • underlying frustration at their lack of control.
  • Yeah, minus the patcholi and underlying sadness.
  • What's the underlying principle to chaos theory?
  • This is the Union's underlying disability strategy.
  • Where's the similarity in the underlying signature?
  • The fundamental issue underlying all contributory negligence.
  • I cannot fully grasp the underlying rationale.


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