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supersymmetry ‎(usually uncountable, plural supersymmetries)
(physics) A theory that attempts to unify the fundamental physical forces and which proposes a physical symmetry between bosons and fermions.

Etymology: From super- +‎ symmetry.

Example Sentences Including 'supersymmetry'

  • Did they find evidence to support extra dimensions or supersymmetry?
  • I'm really busy with my like-sign dilepton supersymmetry search.
  • Really? Did they find evidence to support extra dimensions or supersymmetry?
  • Savas was one of the first authors of the first theories of supersymmetry.
  • But all that physics, Higgs, extra dimensions, supersymmetry, microscopic black holes, macroscopic black holes,
  • supersymmetry. It's a theory that describes the nature of connectivity in complex multidimensional space.
  • supersymmetry, or SUSY, is extremely important for the theoretical community because it solves many mathematical problems with the Standard model.
  • I mean, supersymmetry could still be true, but it would have to be a very strange version of the theory.
  • supersymmetry is our best guess of what else is out there, the bigger theory that incorporates our current theories, the Standard Model.
  • We like 115, because if the Higgs is that light, the theory says there has to be new particles, like supersymmetry, otherwise the universe is unstable.


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