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plural of superintendent

Example Sentences Including 'superintendents'

  • I'm Peter Clive, one of two deputy superintendents.
  • Detective superintendents don't go around having junior officers killed.
  • The two superintendents from the Viennese Opera. They're greeting us
  • So we made ourselves the superintendents of school.
  • Being handy in a scrap isn´t compulsory for superintendents.
  • The two superintendents of the Vienna opera, born in Warsaw
  • I'd like my superintendents' Association rep here before I address your questions.
  • → United States Nearly one in two school superintendents are reducing starecruitment and consumable supplies.
  • The committee of two Chief superintendents and the Assistant Commissioner unanimously believe Lau's testimony.
  • Aidan, my superintendents are just looking for an excuse to get rid of Psych Crimes.
  • I now assign Senior superintendents Vincent Tsui and Albert Kwong as deputy commanders of operation Cold War.


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