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superconductor m ‎(plural superconductores)

Etymology: super +‎ conductor, calque of Dutch supergeleider.

Example Sentences Including 'superconductor'

  • You know, that superconductor was never recovered.
  • No. Congress isn't gonna fund your superconductor.
  • The safest way to recover that superconductor.
  • Charlie! - Backup superconductor suppressors have failed.
  • So, what makes this superconductor worth killing for?
  • He's having trouble getting funding for a superconductor.
  • Fifty seconds until superconductor field meltdown. Evacuate.
  • superconductor power lines now being laid towards lower Futagoyama.
  • superconductor field meltdown will occur in 60 seconds.
  • Sounds like a spool of superconductor wire to me!
  • 15 years ago, they stopped work on my superconductor.


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superconductor german translation

Superleiter Supraleiter

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