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serious ‎(comparative seriouser or more serious, superlative seriousest or most serious)
Without humor or expression of happiness; grave in manner or disposition; earnest; thoughtful; solemn. It was a surprise to see the captain, who had always seemed so serious, laugh so heartily.
Important; weighty; not trifling; leaving no room for play; needing great attention; critical. This is a serious problem. We'll need our best experts.
Really intending what is said; being in earnest; not jesting or deceiving; meaningful. After all these years, we're finally getting serious attention.

Etymology: From Middle English seryows, from Old French serieux, from Medieval Latin sēriōsus , an extension of Latin sērius ‎(“ grave, earnest, serious ” ), from Proto-Indo-European *swēr- ‎(“ heavy ” ). Cognate with German schwer ‎(“ heavy, difficult, severe ” ), Old English swǣr ‎(“ heavy, grave, grievous ” ). More at swear, sweer .

Example Sentences Including 'serious'

  • This is "serious" serious, not funny serious.
  • We need to look in a serious way at the decriminalisation of cannabis, and to get serious about serious drugs.
  • This is a very serious situation for those countries in crisis, but it is just as serious for Germany, Austria and Finland, because taxpayers in these countries have suffered budget cuts and been through serious crises.
  • This degradation has very serious consequences for biodiversity, for the conservation of species, whether of fauna or of flora, serious consequences for the quality of the landscape, and very serious consequences for water quality.
  • Then came serious problems withe serious years, in a time getting more and more serious.
  • This is a very serious issue and we need serious people making serious decisions.
  • This would cause serious environmental damage, serious risks of depopulation and serious problems in terms of land management.
  • However, we know that this is a very serious health condition with very serious financial consequences, and it is therefore also a very serious social problem.
  • I believe we agree that this is one of the most serious epidemics and not only one of the most serious humanitarian catastrophes but one of the most serious economic catastrophes the world has even seen.
  • However, this endeavour should not lead us to overlook the fact that Pakistan does indeed have a serious human rights problem, serious problems with democratic issues and serious problems with religious minorities.