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plural of relocation

Example Sentences Including 'relocations'

  • But alongside internal relocations, there are also, of course, relocations outside the Union.
  • It is not about respecting the environment and accepting relocations; it is about respecting the environment and rejecting relocations.
  • Three separate relocations is just not practical.
  • Celebrity Buttocks, Nipple relocations and Fluffy Tails
  • Companies tend to view relocations as an investment.
  • relocations and compensation take effect until April 8, 2003.
  • relocations are only a small part of the whole.
  • There are many herders here suffering from the relocations.
  • Parliament resolution on closures and relocations of industrial activities.
  • For relocations outside the EU, there is a basic solution.
  • As far as relocations are concerned, we should in my view concentrate on company relocations outside the EU, which are the real nightmare scenario.


Similar Words

energy-releasing - non-relativistic - relinquishment - mezzo-relievo - relationships - relinquishing - alto-relievo - relationship - reliableness - religionists - relinquished - self-reliant - relistening - reluctantly - relational - relativist - relaxation - relearning - releasable - relegating

relocations italian translation

delocalizzazioni delocalizzazione trasferimenti

relocations dutch translation

bedrijfsverplaatsingen verplaatsingen Relocations

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