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present participle of relate

Example Sentences Including 'relating'

  • There are provisions relating to policies and others relating to the institutions.
  • There are problems relating to town planning. There are problems relating to water management.
  • relating to the week of 3 to 6 September in Strasbourg: relating to Monday:
  • The committee may discuss matters relating to one, several or all issues relating to customs.
  • It covers provisions relating to the marking of such articles and those relating to certification procedures.
  • 1) Requests relating to less than 214,560 tonnes 2) Requests relating to 214,560 tonnes or more
  • Proposals relating to the private sector are much more fruitful than those relating to public enter prises.
  • Sustainable forest management must aim to reconcile aspects relating to production and those relating to forest protection.
  • The same applies to two amendments relating to the Theato report and seven relating to the Morgan report.
  • It has been seen that there are legal issues relating to contribution payment problems, relating to double taxation.
  • Measures relating to free movement and those relating to the security of external frontiers should be applied simultaneously.


Similar Words

energy-releasing - non-relativistic - relinquishment - mezzo-relievo - relationships - relinquishing - alto-relievo - relationship - reliableness - religionists - relinquished - self-reliant - relistening - relocations - reluctantly - relational - relativist - relaxation - relearning - releasable

relating romanian translation

aferent privesc țin vizează aplicabile

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