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radical ‎(comparative more radical, superlative most radical)
Favoring fundamental change, or change at the root cause of a matter. His beliefs are radical.
(botany, not comparable) Pertaining to a root (of a plant).
Pertaining to the basic or intrinsic nature of something.
Thoroughgoing. The spread of the cancer required radical surgery, and the entire organ was removed.
(linguistics, not comparable) Of or pertaining to the root of a word.
(linguistics, not comparable, of a sound) Produced using the root of the tongue.
(chemistry, not comparable) Involving free radicals.
(mathematics) Relating to a radix or mathematical root. a radical quantity; a radical sign
(slang, 1980s & 1990s) Excellent; awesome. That was a radical jump!

Etymology: From French radical, from Late Latin radicalis ‎(“ of or pertaining to the root, having roots, radical ” ), from Latin radix ‎(“ root ” ); see radix.

Example Sentences Including 'radical'

  • Regular radical, me radical, or me out of my mind radical?
  • It's a pretty radical concept. Sometimes radical problems require radical solutions.
  • Sometimes radical problems require radical solutions. riley!
  • So is it regular radical, me radical, or me out of my mind radical?
  • radical Christianity is as threatening as radical Islam.
  • We need some radical thinking and radical action.
  • I wanted something radical. Tell me, what's radical?
  • radical left is nonsense. radical left is nonsense.
  • I know it's radical, but these are radical times.
  • He was a radical, his songs had a radical slant.
  • This is the radical for wood, it should be the radical for water.


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radical romanian translation

radical radicalist extremistă

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