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quality ‎(countable and uncountable, plural qualities)
(uncountable) Level of excellence. This school is well-known for having teachers of high quality. Quality of life is usually determined by health, education, and income.
(countable) A property or an attribute that differentiates a thing or person. One of the qualities of pure iron is that it does not rust easily. While being impulsive can be great for artists, it is not a desirable quality for engineers. Security, stability, and efficiency are good qualities of an operating system.
(archaic) High social position. (See also the quality.) A peasant is not allowed to fall in love with a lady of quality. Membership of this golf club is limited to those of quality and wealth.
(uncountable) The degree to which a man-made object or system is free from bugs and flaws, as opposed to scope of functions or quantity of items.
(thermodynamics) In a two-phase liquid–vapor mixture, the ratio of the mass of vapor present to the total mass of the mixture.
(emergency medicine, countable) The third step in OPQRST where the responder investigates what the NOI/MOI feels like. To identify quality try asking, "what does it feel like?".

Etymology: From Middle English , from Old French qualité, from Latin qualitatem, accusative of qualitas, from qualis ‎(“ of what kind ” ), from Proto-Indo-European *kʷo- ‎(“ who, how ” ). Cicero coined qualitas as a calque to translate the Ancient Greek word ποιότης ‎(poiótēs , “ quality ” ), coined by Plato from ποῖος ‎(poîos , “ of what nature, of what kind ” ).

Example Sentences Including 'quality'

  • Theme 2looked at quality in VET, quality management and quality control systems.
  • quality assurance: is there shared responsibility for quality assurance and quality control?
  • A fashion label must promise quality. quality?
  • quality management and quality assurance in firms
  • quality dimensions different interpretations of quality different players with different perspectives of quality
  • 222 medicament, pharmaceutical product, product quality, quality control
  • quality and quality management in tourist destinations 3.
  • quality assurance as a means for quality improvement
  • quality: Are the NDO’s reports considered good quality?
  • 5.2.1 quality management and quality assurance in firms
  • Improvement of educational organisation, quality control and quality assurance;


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