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present participle of pertain

Example Sentences Including 'pertaining'

  • There was no evidence pertaining to Rambaldi.
  • Supporting documents pertaining to the accounts and
  • Now any questions pertaining this particular class?
  • It's a fundamental interrogative pertaining to location.
  • Double jeopardy law, pertaining to new evidence.
  • He's involved in everything. pertaining to everything.
  • Concentrate on anything pertaining to Silver and Brent.
  • Any information pertaining to him is my business.
  • The figures pertaining to this matter are interesting.
  • Factors pertaining to the Etiology of Male Homosexuality.
  • We have information pertaining to Vanessa Keaton's death.


Similar Words

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pertaining german translation


pertaining romanian translation

referitor legate corespunzătoare care se referă

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