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(focus) Especially, extremely. The apéritifs were particularly stimulating.

    1898, Winston Churchill, chapter 5, The Celebrity: We made an odd party before the arrival of the Ten, particularly when the Celebrity dropped in for lunch or dinner.
    2013 July 19, Mark Tran, “Denied an education by war”, The Guardian Weekly, volume 189, number 6, page 1:  One particularly damaging, but often ignored, effect of conflict on education is the proliferation of attacks on schools […] as children, teachers or school buildings become the targets of attacks. Parents fear sending their children to school. Girls are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence.

(degree) To a great extent.
Specifically, uniquely or individually.

    2013, Phil McNulty, "", BBC Sport, 1 September 2013: But as the half progressed, Liverpool's pressure and high-tempo passing game increased United's frustration and it threatened to boil over on the stroke of half-time when Van Persie, who had already been booked, was involved in angry verbal exchanges with several Liverpool players, particularly Gerrard.

In detail; with regard to particulars.

Example Sentences Including 'particularly'

  • Not particularly attractive nor particularly elegant either.
  • It is a particularly, particularly fine vintage.
  • It's not particularly beautiful, it's not particularly useful.
  • It's not particularly addictive, it's not particularly harmful.
  • That is not particularly courageous, not even particularly radical.
  • particularly when I've got my face in her underwear. particularly.
  • You don't care for them particularly? Well, no, not particularly.
  • I'm particularly fond of cats, I'm not particularly fond of children.
  • It is an honour I particularly desire and shall particularly esteem.
  • We must be particularly aware of the Internet, particularly its significance in communication.
  • (particularly(particularly thethe timetime spentspent byby traineestrainees andand presenterspresenters inin attendingattending coursescourses thethe


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