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Panama Canal

Panama CanalProper noun

Panama Canal
A major man-made canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Example Sentences Including 'Panama Canal'

  • They get marriedgoing through the Panama Canal.
  • That's a gondola going through the Panama Canal.
  • Everywhere from the Panama Canal to southeast Asia.
  • The Panama Canal. And it just fits Mr. Spenalzo.
  • The Panama Canal draws agents of all countries here.
  • First, the Panama Canal, then up the Mexican coast.
  • I didn't know you helped build the Panama Canal.
  • The President will be very proud of his Panama Canal.
  • Ochoa could very easily gain access to the Panama Canal.
  • We let him dig the Panama Canal in the cellar.
  • We let him dig the Panama Canal in the cella.


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