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plural of locality

Example Sentences Including 'localities'

  • Elsewhere interventions are focused on a few localities.
  • It looks at how neighbourhoods and localities work.
  • Article 107 Prior rights applicable to particular localities
  • It isn't his idea. They're in numerous localities.
  • However, within large localities, distinct neighbourhoods can often be seen.
  • But there are wide variations between localities and regions.
  • 1.1 Framework of definitions Map of the case study localities
  • Shocks affecting sectors in which localities specialize, whether caused by fluctu-
  • The same underlying tension is present in the other localities.
  • A number of these reviews also involved studies of particular localities.
  • Most of the localities therefore suffered from high and often persistent unemployment.


Similar Words

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localities german translation

orte mehrere lagen

localities spanish translation

localidades lugares municipios poblaciones

localities polish translation

miejscowości lokalizacjach

localities dutch translation

plaatsen locaties

localities romanian translation

localități localitățile localităților

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