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localise ‎(third-person singular simple present localises, present participle localising, simple past and past participle localised)
(British, transitive) alternative spelling of localize

Etymology: local +‎ -ise

Example Sentences Including 'localise'

  • We corroborate. More or less. - And we localise.
  • Can be useful to localise the larger foci ofendometriosis.
  • However, with the dilithium crystals, I was able to localise it.
  • I can't localise it but we're losing power at a rate of 7% per minute.
  • European content producers must localise to exploit the culturally and linguistically diverse 'internal' market
  • We also need to localise speculation, we need to limit it and we need to combat it.
  • We were able to localise the transporter beam and trace it back to this location.
  • European firms are in the best position to localise services geographically and tailor them culturally and linguistically to users'needs.
  • It is important to federalise innovation actors and localise innovation in order to 'help our strengths bear fruit', Mr Pierret said.
  • To achieve this it is intended to localise the existing Telestia offline tools in six languages (English, French, German, Greek, Norwegian and Spanish).
  • It is primarily seeking IT consulting firms aspartners to localise the content for use incountries such as Germany, Sweden andthe United Kingdom.


Similar Words

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localise polish translation

lokalizowania zlokalizować umiejscowienia

localise german translation

Lokalisieren Lokalisierung

localise spanish translation

localizar localizarla

localise portuguese translation

localizar coloquem

localise italian translation


localise french translation

localiser localisation nous localisons

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