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Present participle of group.


any number of entities (members) considered as a unit
the activity of putting things together in groups
a system for classifying things into groups

Synonyms for grouping

radical - pigeonholing

Example Sentences Including 'grouping'

  • Economic Interest grouping RT inter-company cooperation (4006) RT producer group (5611 ) European Economic Interest grouping
  • Criteria for grouping pupils for learning activities
  • I've started grouping them according to condition.
  • Cliapter C The European Economic Interest grouping
  • A European Economic Interest grouping was also created.
  • What is the European grouping of Territorial Cooperation?
  • I wanna know who's included in this grouping.
  • Nice grouping, especially for a concealed-carry piece.
  • I located a racial grouping in Southeast Asia.
  • No grouping may invite investment by the public.
  • 401 cooperation agreement, European cooperation grouping, medical research


Similar Words

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grouping portuguese translation

agrupamento grupo conjunto agrupar agrupando agrupa

grouping romanian translation

grupare grup regruparea grupează grupa regrupare

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