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destructiveAdjective destructive (comparative more destructive , superlative most destructive )

Causing destruction; damaging.

    2013 February 14, Scott Tobias, “Film: Reviews: A Good Day To Die Hard”, The Onion AV Club: After rescuing his estranged daughter in the last film, Live Free Or Die Hard, Willis heads to Russia to rescue his estranged son (Jai Courtney), a CIA agent on a mission to protect a whistleblower (Sebastian Koch) from a corrupt government official (Sergei Kolesnikov) with no shortage of destructive resources at his disposal.

Causing breakdown or disassembly. Catabolism is a destructive metabolism which involves the break down of molecules and release of energy.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /dɪˈstɹʌktɪv/, /dɪˈstɹʊktɪv/

Etymology: From Middle French destructif, from Latin destructivus, from past participle of destruere (“ to tear down, destroy ” ) + -ivus.

Synonyms for destructive

pernicious, catastrophic, devastating, disastrous - ruinous

Example Sentences Including 'destructive'

  • Shoot, you're not only self-destructive, you're just destructive.
  • That thing that's so destructive inside small communities, and so destructive for Constantinople, too.
  • Any further prevarication is pointless and destructive.
  • They're going to retreat in destructive chaos!
  • Yeah, but it's very destructive, and expensive.
  • He's an arrogant, self - destructive, egomaniacal prick.
  • Regardless, Stonehenge has become a destructive force.
  • Its destructive power was beyond all expectations.
  • He's destructive. He's tried to harm himself.
  • Your destructive machines will have no effect.
  • The most powerful destructive force ever created.


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