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co-location ‎(plural co-locations)
An instance of co-locating.

Example Sentences Including 'co-location'

  • The co-location of consular facilities is also under consideration.
  • one central co-location unit at the Ministry of Interior level.
  • The minister talked about co-location being under consideration of consular officials.
  • The definitive phase of the project involves co-location of plots of Member Staes in the North East zone of Abuja, which will facilitate the construction of a common chancery for Member States who so wish, or co-location of chanceries.
  • Also I am finding that Member States are not even willing to explore co-location with another Member State or a common application centre.
  • They offer unbundled access to the local loop, facilitating developments in licensing, co-location, carrier pre-selection and the independence and the powers of national regulatory authorities.
  • The Commission also supports and, when appropriate, seeks to participate in co-location projects where more than one Member State and/or the Commission agree to occupy premises jointly.


co-location german translation

gemeinsamen nutzung

co-location dutch translation

collocatie locatie colocatie

co-location italian translation

coubicazione co-locazione co-ubicazione

co-location romanian translation

colocație colocare

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