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take something or somebody with oneself somewhere
cause to come into a particular state or condition
cause to happen or to occur as a consequence
go or come after and bring or take back
bring into a different state
be accompanied by
advance or set forth in court
bestow a quality on
be sold for a certain price
attract the attention of
induce or persuade

Synonyms for bring

dally, recreate, accept, acquire, baffle, encounter, establish, exact, exploit, give, land, admit, take, capture, have, ingest, contribute, perplex, hire, plant, produce, sour, consume, occupy, obtain, engender, induce, submit, payoff, puzzle, generate, play, withdraw, communicate, solve, payback, spiel, commence, add, wreak, stupefy, necessitate, found, subscribe, fill, scram, bestow, suffer, start, cultivate, vex, amaze, gain, adopt, convey, fix, grow, flummox, total, stimulate, assume, drive, strike, bet, exercise, train, bewilder, nonplus, begin, draw, aim, need, shoot, playact, workout, conduce, bringdown, contain, demand, direct, operate, consider, conduct, come, leave, father, mother, ask, turn, become, catch, film, act, carry, cause, arrest, experience, study, introduce, contract, shape, arrive, remove, guide, channel, toy, influence, sire, realise, require, function, institute, select, wager, flirt, fiddle, forge, trifle, transmit, gravel, pullin, mould, constitute, confer, diddle, impart, beget, takeaway, ferment, knead, postulate, mystify, shootdown, append, putdown, dumbfound, roleplay, read - summate

Example Sentences Including 'bring'

  • We bring lobbyists, you bring corporate. We bring D.C., you bring Chicago.
  • bring it in. bring it in. bring it in, bring it in.
  • bring it home, bring it home, bring it home, bring it home!
  • bring him home! bring him home! bring him home
  • # Don't you ever bring me bring me, bring me #
  • bring out the old bring in the new bring out the false bring in the true.
  • bring fruit, bring cheese, bring anything to take this taste away!
  • All right, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up.
  • bring Derek the rig, and bring Floyd the jig. bring whatchamacallit.
  • You bring me hair,you bring me blood,you bring me fluids.
  • I bring you motion. I bring you rhythm. I bring you sex.


Similar Words

British Somaliland - brianroulstonite - brinrobertsite - Cambro-Briton - brianyoungite - bridal couple - bridesmaiding - brigadiership - brilliantined - brinksmanship - brickfielder - brickmanship - bridgekeeper - bristlecones - briar-patch - bricklaying - bridegrooms - bridesmaids - brightening - brilliances

bring portuguese translation

trazer levar pôr fazer aproximar traga traz trouxe trazê-lo tragam

bring romanian translation

aduce duce lua veni pune scoate

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