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present participle of be

Etymology: Originated 1250–1300 from Middle English being; see be + -ing.

Example Sentences Including 'being'

  • being pregnant, being ashamed of being pregnant.
  • being close and being clever ain't like being true,
  • I'm being good, I'm being quiet, I'm being 'have.
  • being close and being clever Ain't like being true
  • being royal is not like being famous or being rich.
  • I'm tired of being called names, being lied to and being sad.
  • Yes, you're being pressured. - You're being hysterical.
  • You're not being crazy, you're being practical.
  • We're not being arrested, we're being escorted.
  • "Miserable being must find more miserable being.
    being must find more miserable being." data-to="">
  • I'm just being thorough. Just being thorough.


Similar Words

Beijingese - well-being - Beijinger - beingness - beignets - beigel - beiges - beings - bein

being portuguese translation

ser estar ter fazer sendo serem é ficar sermos seres

being dutch translation

wordt worden werd momenteel was wezen men weer moment dat

being italian translation

essere stare fare avere trovarsi si stato momento oggetto fase

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