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"thoughtless thankless" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "thoughtless thankless"

    • Thoughtless, thankless

      Malcriada y grosera

    • She's thoughtless

      ¡Es tan atolondrada!

    • I've been thoughtless

      He sido desconsiderada

    • How thoughtless of me

      Qué desconsiderado soy

    • It is a thankless task

      Es una labor ingrata

    • She's just a thoughtless child

      Es sólo una niña atolondrada

    • What a thoughtless thing to say

      Eso ha sido muy desconsiderado

    • It was thoughtless of me, we'll be right back.

      He sido muy descuidado, saldremos enseguida.

    • Such confidence is damaged by the Commission's thoughtless and arrogant way of acting or failing to act; among other things, it has obviously neglected to ensure that its accounting system is reliable and proof against manipulation.

      Dicha confianza se ve perjudicada por la actitud irreflexiva y arrogante de la Comisión, o bien por su pasividad; entre otras cosas, no ha logrado garantizar la fiabilidad y la seguridad frente a manipulaciones de su sistema contable.

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