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"Put him down" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "Put him down"

  • Put him down


  • Put him away


  • Put him on!


  • Put him on

    Que se ponga

  • They put him away

    Lo retiraron

  • Alright, put him on

    Bien, pásemelo

  • Put him away, Seagrue

    Guárdalo, Seagrue

  • Put him in there!

    ¡Espere un minuto!

  • Put him down, Michael

    Bájalo, Michael

  • Okay, put him on

    Muy bien, comuníquelo

  • Put him in solitary


  • Well, put him on


  • I put him down

    Se lo di

  • Put the cuffs on him


  • Put him in chains

    Pónganlo en cadenas

  • Put him behind bars

    Ponle entre rejas

  • We better put him to bed

    Debemos acostarlo

  • Well, put him on, please

    Comuníquelo, por favor

  • Put him in it

    Pónganlo sobre él

  • Put him out in the hall

    En el pasillo

  • Well, put him on

    Bueno, pues pásamelo

  • Alright boys, put him in

    Bien, metedle allí

  • Put him in reach

    Ponle a tiro

  • I'll put it to him

    Hablaré con éI

  • Put the cuffs on him

    Ponedle las esposas