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"overall programme" in spanish

  • overall programme

    programa global

  • Context sentences for: "overall programme"

    • It would be more accurately described as a programme to assess the overall impact of the environment on health.

      Sería más exacto calificarlo de programa de evaluación del efecto global del medio ambiente sobre la salud.

    • However, I consider that the overall funds allocated to this programme are inadequate and I call, in particular, upon the Commissioner to secure an increase in funding.

      Sin embargo, considero insuficiente y confío en que se aumente la financiación global asignada a dicho programa y, por esto, me dirijo en particular a la Sra. Comisaria.

    • I would also like to emphasise that I believe the European Parliament’s efforts to increase the overall budget for this multiannual programme to be totally justified.

      También quiero resaltar que creo que los esfuerzos del Parlamento Europeo para aumentar el presupuesto global para este programa multianual son plenamente justificados.

    • overall balance

      balance global

    • overall effort

      esfuerzo global

    • overall audit

      auditoría global

    • overall rate

      tasa global

    • overall management

      gestión global

    • overall increase

      aumento global

    • overall cost

      coste global

    • overall plan

      plan global

    • overall assessment

      valoración global

    • overall description

      descripción global

    • overall result

      resultado global

    • overall solution

      solución global

    • overall market

      mercado global

    • overall policy

      política global

    • overall burden

      carga global

    • I believe that all of these things should form part of a global strategy, a global plan and a specific programme that we must implement.

      Creo que todo esto debe alimentar una estrategia global, un plan global y un programa concreto que tendremos que poner en práctica.

    • In Johannesburg, we must take a decisive step in the direction of a global reform programme for freedom and prosperity.

      En Johanesburgo debemos dar un paso decisivo hacia un programa de reforma global para la libertad y la prosperidad.

    • special programme

      programa especial

    • Socrates Programme

      Programa SÓCRATES

    • current programme

      presente programa

    • ambitious programme

      ambicioso programa

    • joint programme

      programa conjunto

    • general programme

      programa general

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