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"opportunity costs" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "opportunity costs"

    • opportunity costs

      costes de oportunidad

    • shipping costs

      costes de envío

    • material costs

      costes de material

    • transportation costs

      costes de transporte

    • packaging costs

      costes de envase

    • shipment costs

      costes de envío

    • disposal costs

      costes de desecho

    • control costs

      costes de control

    • personnel costs

      costes de personal

    • employee costs

      costes de empleado

    • allocation of costs

      imputación de costes

    • increase of costs

      incremento de costes

    • business opportunity

      oportunidad de negocio

    • opportunity cost

      costo de oportunidad

    • employment opportunity

      oportunidad de empleo

    • opportunity for advancement

      oportunidad de progresar

    • window of opportunity

      espacio de oportunidad

    • It is a golden opportunity

      Es una oportunidad de oro

    • costs borne

      costes asumidos

    • internal costs

      costes internos

    • operating costs

      costes operativos

    • labour costs

      costes laborales

    • fixed costs

      costes fijos

    • controlled costs

      costes controlados

    • overhead costs

      costes generales

    • further costs

      ulteriores costes