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"mausoleum" in spanish

mausoleo [m]

  • Context sentences for: "mausoleum"

  • Doesn't anything change around this mausoleum?

    ¿Es que no cambia nada en este mausoleo?

  • You think I'm gonna stick around this j oint j ust to look at this mausoleum?

    ¿Te crees que voy a quedarme aquí mirando este museo?

  • While Dracula is busy hypnotising the nurse and abducting Mina, intercut is a scene of Van Helsing and Harker visiting Lucy's graveyard, and they there observe her returning to her mausoleum.

    Mientras Drácula hipnotiza a la enfermera y secuestra a Mina, se intercala una escena en la que Van Helsing y Harker van al cementerio, y allí ven a Lucy volver al mausoleo.