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"Come on, come to church" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "Come on, come to church"

  • Come on, come to church

    Vamos a la iglesia

  • Come on to bed

    Ven a la cama

  • Come on, get to work!

    Vamos, ¡a trabajar!

  • Come on, go to work

    Vamos, a trabajar

  • Come on, you better go to bed

    Vamos, vaya a la cama

  • Come on to the saloon

    Vámonos a la taberna

  • Come on back to the office

    Vamos a la oficina

  • Come on, get back to the party

    Vamos, volved a la fiesta

  • Come on to the saloon!

    Vámonos a la taberna

  • Come on, let's go back to the party.

    Vamos, volvamos a la fiesta

  • Come on, everybody, down to the bay.

    Vamos, todos, a la bahía

  • Come on, Bomier. Row to the right

    Bomier, rema, a la derecha

  • Come on, come on

    A comer. Vengan

  • come to light

    salir a la luz

  • Come on. Play ball

    Juguemos a la pelota

  • Come on, never mind

    Venga, a la calle

  • Come on. We go to sleep

    Vamos, a dormir

  • Come on, now, come on. Put away that hammer.

    Vamos, no esté tan a la defensiva

  • Come sit on the bed next to me

    Ven a sentarte en la cama junto a mí.

  • Come on, Dorothea, to the dinner table!

    ¡Vamos, Dorothea, a cenar a la mesa!

  • Come to MacDougall's

    ¡A la taberna!

  • Well, come on, let's go to work

    Bueno, vengan, manos a la obra

  • Come to the opening

    Ven a la inauguración

  • Come back to earth

    Vuelve a la tierra

  • They come to jungle

    Vendrán a la selva