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"A letter to my mother" in spanish

  • Context sentences for: "A letter to my mother"

    • A letter from His Holiness for Mother Superior.

      Una carta de Su Santidad para la Madre Superiora.

    • I will dictate a letter to my sometimes-friend Machiavelli.

      Te dictaré una carta para mi a veces amigo Maquiavelo.

    • It’s to feed my aging mother

      Es para alimentar a mi vieja madre

    • Take a letter to my lawyers

      Escriba una carta a mi abogado

    • My mother was a tramp

      Mi madre era una ramera

    • My mother was a little armstrong

      Mi madre tenía una narizota

    • My mother has to work almost all week to make this much.

      Mi madre tiene que trabajar una semana para ganar eso.

    • Oh, my father's letter to Wilkie

      La carta de mi padre para Wilkie

    • It's about that letter from Pierrot's mother

      Es sobre la carta de la madre de Pierrot.

    • It's about that letter from pierrot's mother.

      Es sobre la carta de la madre de Pierrot.

    • Yes, one for my mother

      Sí, una por mi madre

    • My mother is the best!

      Mi madre es la mejor

    • Give me a letter to bring along

      Dame una carta para llevar conmigo

    • I got to remember to tell that to my mother.

      Lo recordaré para contárselo a mi madre.

    • My mother is the republic!

      ¡Mi madre es la República!

    • My group's co-ordinator and I wrote you a letter asking for the vote to be re-scrutinised.

      El coordinador de mi Grupo y yo le escribimos una carta a usted para que se revisara esto.

    • I've found out about my mother

      Descubrí quién es mi madre

    • Here's a letter for you

      Llegó una carta para usted

    • It's a letter from Chris

      Es una carta de Chris

    • That's a fine letter, Jamison

      Saludos. Es una gran carta

    • I have a letter from him to you

      Tengo una carta de él para vos

    • I've been a good mother to Johnny

      He sido una buena madre para Johnny.

    • I got a letter from Mother today

      Recibí una carta de mamá hoy

    • My mother was a cook

      Mi madre era cocinera

    • My father wrote you a letter before he died

      Mi padre le escribió una carta antes de morir.

    • She left a letter for Arabel

      Dejó una carta para Arabel